Grey Gladys is here.....

  1. The three zippers gladys is here....I have been waiting for this forever...cuz all the black ones are available and grey is hard to find.. Now she is here...:yes:
    Photo 87.jpg Photo 86.jpg
  2. Beautiful!! Congratulations Chole concord! I would like to find the 3 zip Olive if anyone has seen one!
  3. Congratulations Chloe Concorde!!! I love it in grey!!!
  4. Olive is a lovelt color. But as far as I know,no 3 zip olive gladys...I only see black and grey so far...
  5. Congrats, Chloe!!!
  6. Congrats!!! It's fantastic. How do you like it??? I'm craving a 2-zipper one next, I think.
  7. I tried both 2 zippers and 3-zippers, I prefer 3 zippers more since it looks more funky and easy to go with my otfit. 2-zipper is little bit plain for me. And believe me, it is much much nicer IRL. You have 3 zippers already?:heart:
  8. That is a fabulous bag! And it looks great one you! TDF color - looks really year round too.

    Congrats to you :yes:
  9. :biggrin: Your photos are making my head spin.. :graucho:

    But, congrats!!!
  10. BalenciagaLover, I snatched a black gladys in 3 zips today. Which one you love more?grey or black?...;)
  11. Chloe concord! Wow, where did you find your 3 zips, and were they on sale?
  12. The 3 zip Gladys is a very unique looking bag. It looks great on you! Congrats!
  13. I love the 3-zip gladys! Totally fun and funky. Congrats! (I think the black is uber cool!)
  14. I just saw a girl wearing a Gladys the other day and I really like the look of it!
  15. You're so naughty! :roflmfao: The one I was thinking of getting is the olive 2-zip. The 3-zip is definitely funkier, but it feels way too long for me! :flowers: I just love your Chloe bags though, so I may have to live vicariously through you! I thought you liked the grey more!