Grey Gauffre..woohoo..i Likey!

  1. My SA sent me a load of photos of new fall stuff(coats,clothing and a few bags)...But what caught my eye is the grey nylon gauffre.LOVES!
    However...If they ever came out with a leather grey gauffre....would die and go to GAUFFRE HEAVEN..HEEHEE!!!!
    What do you think.I like the E/W style best for me
  2. i love this... and i usually don't like gray
  3. They are beautiful.
  4. Pretty, but do they look lavender to you? On my monitor, they look more lavender than gray. I like the color.
  5. ^Im goin to the Prada store this Ill look at it!LOL!
  6. Love it...I've got a charcoal grey Chloe's a wonderful color!

    Can't wait for your report, Jill!
  7. looks purple, but i like it.
  8. They are very pretty, i always like grey, hope they have leather too.
  9. Love the style and color! The color is so neutral and it looks good with anything! Like Jill said, I would like the leather version!
  10. I am lovin' this color.
  11. Hey girl, don't you already live in Gauffre Heaven? LOL!
  12. mmmm don't do grey but like the lavendar tinge!
  13. girl I LIVE in grey most of A/W so that's a no brainer. Love love love!! I hear ya on the grey leather if and when that happens I'm a goner.
  14. Looks subtle! I like it too
  15. Yumm. Lovely and I like both styles!