grey first

  1. Love the grey!
  2. Hi gals, this auction is my mine. I really love her alot but have to let go of a few bags (just to be practical) as I've bought a few too many b-bags over the past few months...

    Boo hoo - :crybaby: i hope I don't regret it either as its a fantastic color... as long as she goes to lovely gal who will love her! :smile:
  3. that colour is GORGEOUS! good luck!!
  4. :crybaby: She's offically gone now... she's on her way to a fellow PF-er who will take good care of her!! Enjoy!
  5. Yay! Is the lucky winner going to identify herself? :smile:
  6. Gorgeous bag and congrats Melinda on selling your precious bag, I'm sure she'll go to a lovely new owner who will take good care of her.
  7. oh yes..... its me....
    melinda... i promise i will take care of her.....
    cant wait til she gets to her new mommy......
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