Grey Fendi Spy?

  1. I'm currently saving for a Fendi Spy and want to make sure I get the right one. I want a versatile color and saw the grey Spy on I love the idea of grey, but the pictures are terrible on this site and I can't tell if I like it or not. Does anyone own this color Spy or have better photos of one? What's your opinion on the grey?

  2. I'm not a fan, unfortunately :sad: . I love grey, but the Spy grey is not vibrant, or deep and rich enough or me. It looks too washed out, a nondescript grey.
  3. I saw the grey spy IRL. It's a bland and boring grey IMO, but it would certainly be a versatile color. I think the pics on Styledrops are fairly close to how the color looks IRL...
  4. i think one of tpf member has the grey spy eh?

    hm....i actually like the colour ,,,bcuz its rare to see ppl carrying this colour around
  5. I have one and it was love at first sight for me. I get more attention carrying it than the dark one(most people prefer this color). With certain outfit color, it will give you a lot of 'satisfastion'.

    This bag is not I suggest you should see it in real life before buying. As for ordering online, why not order it along with another color so that you can have a better idea of which one you like better?

    To me, dark brown is like a Mercedes S500, grey is like a Porsche Carrera :graucho:

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  6. BTBF your grey Spy is gorgeous!
  7. *jaw drops* BTBS...... ur spy's gorgeous!:drool:
  8. I was not keen on the grey but yours is really beautiful. I bet you can wear it with almost anything.
  9. Believe it or not, the dark brown is very versatile and GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I've only seen the gray online and it looks very bland to me. Then again, whenever I'd see pix of the black leather spy, I thought it was a total yawn! Boring with two B's! When I saw the black one at the Fendi boutique, I fell in Love! Long story short, I've bid on one from ebay. So, like the black spy, the gray one just might look 200 times better ITF! I agree with BTBF, see it in real life before buying!
  10. That grey looks great to me! I love how different it is. I agree with some of the other ladies that it isn't the richest looking color, but I don't think I mind the muted tone. It's got a subtle-yet-eye-catching thing going on! If that makes any sense.
  11. Here's a pic of my taupe...I think this is considered the "gray" too..
    I love it soo much!

  12. Hi! I have seen this grey spy bag in person at Barneys and absolutely loved it---so if you have a Barneys in your area you may want to check there--unfortnately that was the only department store I saw it at.....GOOD Luck
  13. Here's a couple more pics...just to give you an idea of how versatile the color's very neutral and goes with any color...


  14. Thanks for your pics gigi615! How do you like this one compared to your others?

    Tiffanypowers17 - I'm actually getting the Spy from Barney's. This is a big purchase for me so I appreciate your feedback.
  15. I love it!!! It's a great color...
    It's a color bag that I just grab and go..
    It's a no brainer..cuz it's so neutral.
    ;) Hope this helps!!
    Congrats on your purchase!!
    I bet you won't stop at just one! lols