Grey Edith on eBay... going...going...

  1. It is pebbly and wrinkly all in one!
  2. ooh, that is really nice. if i didn't already have one, i would definitely snatch it up.
  3. What do you all think of gray?
  4. ^^^

    i love my grey edith. the color goes so well with everything.
  5. Oh, you have a grey one! No problems with dye transfer from your jeans?
  6. nope, i have had absolutely no problems with it at all. even when i think i've gotten it dirty and messed it up, i really haven't. it's weird, but this bag is definitely resilient.

    i could post a picture or two, if you would like.
  7. I would love a picture or 2. I know her and may still be able to buy it. I got caught outside with the doggie groomer talking talking talking :unsure:
  8. here you go:



  9. i've never liked that bag til i saw the grey one on you eskimo....
  10. traceyd- aww, thank you! i'm glad to know my pictures had the power to convert :biggrin:.
  11. What a beautiful bag! And it looks stunning on you! :love: :P
  12. thank you, chicbags!
  13. Yes, Eskimo rocks the grey Edith! :biggrin: Hey Eskimo - what are those animal thingies hanging on your closet door? I'm intrigued!:idea:
  14. thank you, bluegenie! haha, that's a beanie baby collection my parents put together for me like 7 or 8 years ago. and for some reason i have never felt like taking it down. ahh, i just looked at that picture again, and my room is such a mess! but that's ok right? teenager's rooms are supposed to be messy...:P .