Grey denim leggings?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a pair of grey denim leggings ... are grey denim leggings still in trend for this fall/winter? I love the whole grunge look from last winter, but I'm not sure if grey denim works as a staple. I've never wore any grey denim in my life, so I've no idea what to pair it with other than black or white sweaters. Any suggestions? :smile:
  2. I have a pair and I love them, but they definitely favor a fall/winter color or B/W wardrobe, imo. I don't wear mine with bright colors as I don't feel it looks right. Someone may disagree with me and just love bright colors with her grey denim, but I'm not a fan. I definitely wear black, white, and I also like navy and plum. Pumpkin or mustard might work, too.
  3. I got some. I wear them all the time. :smile:
  4. I love mine, and I really only wear them with black , white, or other shades of gray, maybe metallics too
  5. I have two pairs and wear them to death. Like others have said, I wear mostly black, white and greys with mine, but they work nicely with the seafoam/gray/tan/pale pink color wheel as well. Last I wore them them with a white tank and a sea foam cardi and got loads of compliments.
  6. I have yet to get a pair of grey jeggings but I had a few pairs of grey skinny jeans that I wore all the time. I found that they matched basically anything. I wear a lot of black, cream, grey and pink.
  7. Nordstrom had a couple pairs of these. Purple actually looks great with grey denim. Deeper shades especially, its one of my favorite combinations.
  8. i love dark gray leggings! they're a great alternative to black and still slimming
  9. Grey is one of my favourite colours because its so easy to pair with other colours. Definitely buy these! I wear grey with almost every colour in my closet. Purple and green are both great.
  10. Purple is a great idea with the grey leggings- I'm going to go have to lookin my closet for something purple now!

    I have a pair of grey denim leggings from the Gap 1969, and they are beyond perfect- I love them.
  11. Thanks everyone for your input! I need to find a gray shade that flatter my thick thighs first :P It's great to hear what colours gray jeggings will go with! :heart:
  12. I have grey skinny jeans, and they've become a staple in my wardrobe. I wear them with everything, black, white, purple, blue, everything! I actually just wore them today with a purple shirt.
  13. i would love a pair of grey jeggings... any recommended brands?
  14. I have gray 7 skinnies and love them really a staple and I just bought a pair of gray jeggins and they are perfect, lovely with a camel cashemere cardigan, less grunge but beautiful...