grey days don't bring me down! 2 new holy grails in 05 grey!!

  1. i have been searching for a purse and a shoulder forever, and i can't believe my luck to find both in the same color in the same week!!

    i absolutely love the 05 grey, and when i found an 05 grey purse on eBay that was gently worn for a great price, i immediately hit the buy it now button...

    i know the handles photograph a bit dark, but they really aren't that dark in person...
    i plan on cleaning them, but the leather is gorgeous...


    then through the wonderful corey at realdealcollection, i snagged an 05 grey shoulder!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    i don't have any small bbags, and after seeing spiral's vert gazon with the chain handle, i plan on adding one to this bag...


    i love the little realdeal tag too...

    now i just need an 04 grey...
  2. Wow, I love both!!! What a great and versatile color, and the leather looks scrumptious!
  3. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Congrats on finding two 05's!!! :drool::drool: I LOVE this's a great neutral and the 05 leather feels and looks very vintage. Lucky you!!!:love:
  4. Love the color! Congrats on both great finds!
  5. Gorgeous bags ... I've been wanting a grey bag too! Congrats on finding such beautiful bags!
  6. Both are so pretty, great color! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Hurrah for you and your holy grails! Both are beautiful... I love '05 Grey too. I'm glad you were the one who snagged that RealDeal Shoulder.

  8. Congrats on finding two holy grails!! They are beautiful!
  9. Woo-hoo! Amazing finds-:heart::heart: Grey!!!!
  10. thanks querty822, cracker, blueeyez259, asl_bebes, blue_hour_girl, cheshire cat, spylove22, and malleysmama!!

    i've been carrying the grey purse since i got her...
    it's such an amazing shape...i love it!
    i think my ink city is getting jealous...:p
  11. Congrats on getting 2 HG's in a week! :yahoo::yahoo: Funny thing... I just saw the 05 grey IRL yesterday! Totally did a double take on this girl getting on an elevator. Great color!
  12. Congrats!!!!!!

    :heart: the 05 Gray:heart:
  13. OMG!!! i :heart: grey 05, prolly one of my favorite color and season!!
  14. Gorgeous!!! Congrats sweetie :heart:
  15. love the grays! congrats!