Grey Color Family - PICS ONLY!!!

  1. Please post any photos of your Balenciaga bags in the Grey color family.

    Please indicate the color name, style, season and year of the bag you are posting.

    This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. 2004 Grey Flat Messenger
    2004 Grey City
    2004 Grey Makeup
    2004 Grey City

    Note: The difference between 04 S/S Grey and the 04 F/W Grey is the hardware. Here, the bags have pewter hardware, and the F/W Grey bags had brass hardware. You can also see blue stitching in the S/S bags.
    Milly 032.jpg 04Grey.jpg 04GreyMakeup.jpg grey.jpg
  3. 2004 S/S Grey City
  4. 2005 Grey First
    2005 Grey City
    2005 Grey Coin
    grey.jpg IMG_0312.JPG 05Grey.jpg
  5. 2006 Grey Firsts
    IMG_0704.JPG Grey.jpg
  6. 2006 Greige City
    2006 Greige Twiggy
    2006 Greige First
    Paddy 007.jpg greige2.JPG Greige.jpg
  7. 05 Greige

  8. 07 Steel
    Picture 004.jpg
  9. 2007 Anthracite Weekender
  10. 2006 Grey Purse


  11. F/w '07 Steel Sgh WorK

  12. 07 F/W steel city
    100_0126.jpg 100_0129.jpg
  13. 07 F/W steel SGH Hobo
  14. I know Laetitya already post her PLOMB Part Time here, but i thought mine will offer you different looks..enjoy ;)
    natural light.jpg empty_plomb.jpg almost-full_plomb.jpg
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  15. ...and here are the leather details...:tup:
    zoom-1.jpg zoom-2.jpg zoom-4.jpg