Grey Coach?

  1. Ok, all you Coach experts out you know if Coach will come out with an all leather greay color with gold hardware? It seems grey is the new IT color this season. I'd love to see an ergo belted tote in grey!! Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. 11131_B4AY_c.jpg
    Gigi 11131 clay $658
  3. Check out Coach's new CLAY leather colour. It's available on all the new Legacy bags and it's great. (See pic in The Tall One's post above)
  4. I have that Gigi in clay and I LOVE It. The Clay leather is so gorgeous, and I adore the chic combo of grey leather with gold hardware.
  5. I love that Gigi and the legacy shoulder bag in clay...this could actually break my rule of no light colored bags in F/W...
  6. The Legacy Shoulderbag in Clay...

    I patted her on my last visit to the Coach store. She's divine.
    11127 legacy shldrbag clay.jpg
  7. ^^ I know voodoo.....great pic! Even more gorgeous IRL...
  8. I'm thinking more along the lines of an Ergo. I'd love to see that!!
  9. Clay is a very pretty color!
  10. I'm not one for light colored bags either but the clay is on my wishlist. I bet it looks even better as it gets older. Its a gorgeous color and will go with EVERYTHING!
  11. I too would love to see an Ergo made in grey/clay color.
    That would be awesome.
  12. I have the Legacy Shoulder Bag in clay. It's absolutely divine! I get so many compliments on it!!!