Grey classic flap?

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  1. Just came across this in the "Celebs with their Chanels" my eyes deceive me, or is this a grey classic flap? (as opposed to the grey reissue which I've seen before)

    If so, what season is this from and is it hard to find? It's gorgeous!!!

    maxima-slovenia_grey med large classic flap.jpg
  2. No help here... just want to join drooling with you... hehehe.. :sweatdrop:
    well, she's a royalty, she def has lots of purses! :wlae:

    so chic! gorgeous color, gorgeous style, gorgeous bag :girlsigh:

  3. Yes, there is a grey classic flap. In fact a SA offered one to me while I was looking for a 05 Anniv. grey reissue. I declined the bag but another tpf'er took it. It was a pretty bag, but my heart was set on a reissue. Which I later found.

    Here is a picture of the grey classic in lambskin.
    Grey Jumboa.JPG
  4. Ooooh very pretty.
  5. I love the flap in grey, so classy and pretty!:tup:
  6. That is beautiful! Did the grey come in caviar?
  7. I personally don't know...I was so wrapped up in finding a 05 grey reissue, the classic could have been free and I might not have noticed....hehehe.:p

    Maybe some of the other ladies might know....:confused1:
  8. grey classic flap?it s in new chain ? as i saw one two days ago..

    what happened? as i saw one reissue in in classic flap...and one timeless cluth all of them in grey:confused1: someone suggested me buy the reissue ...but i have no idea if is 05 '...and im currently waiting for reissue in another two color, i did not buy that one...just think about the timeless cluth...:p
  9. Arika - can you tell me where you see the grey jumbo flap with new chain? I'm desperately looking for one..thanks so much!!
  10. Oh Yes, Arika... I would like to know'll be great if they have it in the E/W size.. TIA.
  11. Ch B in VEnice and Milan had tones of them in April but on the pics is it the new chain or leather interwoven one????
  12. Ooooh this is bad, ANOTHER Chanel for me to lust after!!! That grey flap is sooo gorgeous! :drool: Now I REAALLY can't decide what colour classic flap to get for next year...
  13. It is the new chain in is a close up on the hardware.:smile:
    Grey Jumboab.JPG
  14. OMG this bag is incredible~ :drool::drool: I definitely asking my SA about it tomorrow!!
  15. Hi Rurrrfect well I meant the one the princess is carrying !Thanks anyway!:smile: