grey city

  1. hi girls!!

    this is my first post in the forum..if you guys could help me out..
    im desperate for a grey city bag...
    as far as i know..the greige 06 collection has camel undertones??
    i want a solid primary color grey....does anyone know where is it available in any part of the world???
    Please let me know! thank you girls!!
  2. Welcome to the forum tamanna.:welcome: Some Greige 06 have beige undertone. If you are looking for solid grey then ss06 grey (gris fonce) is what you are looking for. Maybe you can find 05 grey, that is a darker shade of grey.

    Check this wonderful site for bbag colors:
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season
  3. In addition to the 06 greige, there is an 06 grey and an 05 grey. The 05 grey is slightly darker and cooler, and the 06 is slightly lighter and warmer.

    Don't know if they can be found in stores any more, but keep an eye out on eBay.

    Here are both (top is 05, bottom is 06):

  4. Wow, both are gorgeous! I'll be looking out for the new gray this fall.
  5. I love the top one
  6. Me too. That's the one I kept.;)
  7. Deco, I wonder how these greys will compare with the Anthracite, in terms of tone...
  8. Deco, you strike again with your amazing collection of bags! I like the top grey a lot!
  9. i have an 04 grey:


    it's sooooooo soft you wouldn't believe it :drool:
  10. Also, Anthracite (a very dark gray, almost black) is coming out in a few weeks...AND preliminary swatch charts for F/W07 are showing a color called Lead, which also is a dark gray. That one should be for sale in the summer.
  11. I do believe it!

    It looks really nicely worn in! Cant wait till mine get like that...
  12. anthracite? i bet the list is 5 miles long for that color...does anyone know where to find a swatch pic? i didnt see one on atelier. annanas that bag is GORGEOUS!!!
  13. I love all these grey's coming out. It's such a lovely, versatile colour. It looks like they have fetched a handsome price on eBay recently too!!! There is another new thread on a grey Day bag too. Tamanna - the 06 Greige does have some beige undertones and it is a lot lighter than the Grey. I think these 2 colours are totally different. If you like light colours you'd go for the Greige, but if you like darks the Grey is totally stunning in my eyes!
  14. i love grays (so versatile!), especially charcoal gray, which i hope the 07 lead will look like. can't wait to see anthracite too! :nuts: love your bbags, deco & annanas!

    05 gray day

    greige twiggy
  15. Grey is really the way to go...personally i prefer darker grey like 04 05 06 grey to lighter one like greige... :smile:

    by the way, annanas, ur city looks great!!