grey city...reputable seller

  1. i love this bag!!!!!:heart: :heart:
  2. Very pretty! What year is that from?
  3. I'm dying for a grey bbag, but this one confuses me. The inside tag is B so it's a 2004 (early, I think), but the hardware is brass and should be silver for this, right? The rivets don't have notches, which is correct and the bales (from what I can tell) look good too. Should the lampo zipper be raised on this season? The leather is nice too. Anyone have any opinions on this?:confused1:
  4. How do you know the rivets don't have notches? I asked the seller a question about this
  5. In all of the pictures where the handles are down (especially the 1st one) it looks as though the rivets are smooth without any notches.:yes:
  6. Yeah, she emailed me back - no notches. I didn't catch it in the pictures. So. . . is this from 03 or 04?
  7. it's F/W '04 = brass hardware :smile:
  8. Thanks Mimz.:smile: Just curious though about the letter B on the tag which according to ateliernaff is for S/S 04, and grey is listed on the site for that time (with silver hardware). I realize it could be wrong as mistakes do happen so I'm by no means questioning your judgement, I'm just really interested in this bag:flowers: . Thanks!
  9. I LOVE this bag, I havent wanted an older bag until now....aaaaarrrrggghhh!
  10. Hi aerin,
    I checked LP's site also (what would we do without it?), and B = '04 f/w, as Mimi stated. Indeed this is a reputable seller, who always prices fairly! It's a good starting price for an '04 City, too.
    Oh, and the rivets would NOT be notched, correct Mimi?:confused1:
  11. Thanks Bbagbubba and Mimz!:flowers: Sorry for any confusion. Hopefully the price won't go crazy!
  12. yes, no notched rivets. :smile: notched rivets only started making a small appearance in s/s '05, but not all s/s '05 bags have notched rivets, in fact, a lot of them don't. fall '05 is when they began notching all the rivets, hehe. :smile:
  13. what a lovely bag! its such a low starting price, and i really hope it stays low and doesn't skyrocket!
  14. Well, I just bid to see what the reserve was (I'm normally an LV kind of gal, but I love this bag) and I can tell you that it is higher than $700 ;)

    I didn't meet the reserve...