Grey Chanel Classic

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Chanel Classic Jumbo in Grey Patent or Grey Caviar?

  1. Grey Patent

  2. Grey Caviar

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  1. Should I get the jumbo classic chanel flap in grey caviar or grey patent? I don't have the picture for the grey caviar, but i saw it in store, it has a greenish color on the grey.

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  2. Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve both.. but prefer the pure grey patent ;)

    you can't go wrong!
  3. Both looks lovely but I would go with caviar. That's just me, since I'm not a big fan of patent
  4. The caviar as a green undertone, but you can hardly see it. OMG it's so hard to decide.
  5. I have the grey caviar too and I love it! The green undertone is there but, depending on what you wear it with, it comes out more paired with certain colors. The patent is beautiful too, but since I'm not such a fan of patent, I'd go with caviar:smile:
  6. i like the caviar, WITH the green undertones... get it!
  7. They're both lovely but I'm leaning more towards the grey patent.
  8. grey caviar
  9. Grey caviar for sure. I'm thinking about getting one in the jumbo for everyday. Thoughts?
  10. oh no! i just called couple stores and they don't have the grey caviar anymore. this afternoon there is one store that had it, and it's now gone :sad: all chanel boutiques in the us are alrdy sold out of that, anyone knows where i can get it?
  11. how about NM? i think you should still be able to find a Maxi, but Jumbo seems to be sold out for a long time.

    edit: i prefer caviar, as i am also not a fan of patent...
  12. Patent for me!!
  13. Have you also seen the grey patent IRL? It had me a hello...the grey caviar didn't do that for me...but that's me.

    I would highly suggest you see both IRL and see which really makes your heart flutter!! I think the grey shiny caviar with the green undertone is nice but I'm more of a fan of the traditional caviar. The shiny caviar is in between traditional caviar and lamb...not to hard...not to soft (I sound like goldilocks). HTHs.
  14. I'd also go for grey caviar, but then again I'm not a fan of patent either... but both are gorgeous! Grey is totally the new black, IMO.

    Might be a stupid question, but do they have Jumbo caviar flaps in grey at Chanel stores these days? I stopped by a Chanel boutique a couple weeks ago, and the SA told me that all the grey flaps been sold out for a long time. I'm pretty new to Chanel, so I have no idea if it's true or not... Bueller?