grey chanel bags?

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  1. i saw a pic of a grey ritz bag in the reference thread and i'm pretty much obsessed w/ it :shame: . i went to the south coast plaza boutique and when i asked about it, the sa looked at me like this :confused1: when i asked about it. she said it only comes in black and navy blue and maybe it was a blue ritz that i saw, but it just happened to come out grey in the pic. we even checked their book and all they had were pages for the black and blue. so then i was :confused1:. then a jumbo grey classic flap beckoned to me and i became :drool:. now i'm debating over the ritz and jumbo classic flap, but i want to make sure i'm more prepared next time i go into the boutique so could someone please give me the style number for the grey ritz so i could give it to the sa to prove i'm not psycho? thanks so much!!
  2. Chanel ticket of my Grey washed leather smaller size Ritz contains:
    06A A33469Y04321

    It came from Neiman Marcus Houston; NM Chanel SA name is 'Rossi'.
  3. :Push: i'm not very impressed with SAs who don't know about the products that they're selling and as a result, pass on wrong information! i had this same problem when i went into my local chanel store and enquired about the grey ritz. the 1st SA i dealt with was exceedingly rude and insistent that i must've been mistaken about a grey ritz existing, because she claimed it only came in BLACK! So i thanked her politely and went to the SA standing a few feet away from her and asked her if a grey ritz existed, and the 2nd SA exclaimed very loudly that "Of course it does!!! Who told you it doesn't exist??" with a pointed look at the 1st rude SA (haha politics in the workplace, anyone?)

    anyway that was a little OT, but i hope u pick the ritz! its such a special bag, and i much prefer it to the classic flaps because its so different, and yet so practical! ;)
  4. It's possible the Chanel boutiques didn't order it.
    This happens a lot unfortunately, often NM orders specific items that the boutiques or SAKS never gets, and vice versa.
  5. I hate it when u drool over a bag and then check ur local boutique and they give u a cold smile telling you they didnt order it... why the hell did they go to all the trouble of opening a boutique if they're not getting the whole collection!! It happened to me alot in Dubai!..sorry to vent lol
  6. lol, what a funny story. i totally agree! rude and uninformed is such a terrible combo for an SA.
  7. pinkish_love: ok, thank you!! ita w/ your point about a boutique not having the whole collection. that's the main reason i shop at the chanel boutiques because i assumed that since they are a boutique, they would have everything or at least be able to get it from another boutique.

    nightshade: lol, funny story. at least my sa wasn't rude or condescending about the ritz. she looked as puzzled as i felt when i mentioned the grey ritz. if i can find a grey ritz, i'd much prefer that over the classic flap because while the flap is a classic, it doesn't necessarily "match" me. i just loved the grey caviar and i was pretty much settling for the classic flap because it came in grey and i thought my grey ritz was nonexistent.

    goldensx5: thanks so, so, so much for the info!!!! i'm going to give it to a few of the sa's i've worked w/ and if they can't turn up w/ anything, i'm going to give rossi a call. thanks again!