Grey Cecillia... 08 or 09

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  1. Hi Girls,
    I have been trying to decide which of these two bags I prefer all day. I have been PMing and harassing tPFers who own one, so if you have responded, I really appreciate it.:biggrin:

    Anyway, these pictures are from the reference library. The first is 08 and the second is 09. From what I can tell, the shape of the leather on the chain strap appears a bit different, and the 08 grey is a bit darker and shinier(?).

    Does anyone have a preference? Has anyone seen both of these bags IRL that could make a suggestion? Or are they so similar that it doesn't really matter?

    TIA for any advice.

    (Sorry for not attaching the actual photos. I have tried and tried and I can't figure out how to save them from the RL and upload them here.)


  2. here ya go --



    the quilted bags from 08 are made from goat leather so the leather's a little more textured and thicker. I also think the F08 grey is draker

    the quilted bags from 09 are made from lamb, so they are softer and smooshier and the leather a little more matte (less textured). The color is also lighter and there is navy blue edge paint

    It all depends on what you prefer - do you like lamb or goat? smoother leather or more texture? lighter or darker grey?
  3. ^^^
    Thanks for posting the pics. I think I like the texture of the 08, but the color of the 09.
    I have an 09 Cecilia in black, and I wish it were a little "firmer" if that makes any sense.

    I am pretty new to MJ, and I don't really know much about different types of leather.

    What is your take on the differences in the chain strap? I heard someone say that the 08 chain strap is shorter?
  4. I've never owned an 08 Cecelia, so I can't really tell you if the strap is shorter or not (altho is does look like it, but it could be an illusion since it appears that the leather shoulder pad is longer). I do have an 09 Cecelia tho and I love it. The leather's super soft and smooshy. When I carry the bag on my shoulder, it's like the perfect shoulder bag! It hangs close to the body and isn't overly large and/or bulky. I happen to prefer lamb to goat and I like the smoother softer leather of the 09 bags versus the 08 ones (and the 09 grey is a GORGEOUS color!)
  5. I would sacrifice a limb for a Fall '08 grey Cecilia. Too bad they never -- and I mean never -- pop up. However, I do have a grey Single from '09, and I love it! Very soft, very lightweight leather, and the grey is really fantastic for a light grey. There's no blue in it at all, so it's a true, perfect grey.
  6. Thanks for the info. We are just chatting back in forth in these two thread aren't we, cracks me up. :P
  7. IMHO, Fall 09 grey is the perfect shade of grey.. i've seen the 08 version and it is darker than the 09.. leather wise, I also prefer the smooshy-ness of the 09 version.. :yes:
  8. I like both (I dont own either of those) but the chain on the first one bugs me. Cause the leather on the chain is thicker and longer. I'd prefer the 09 between these two. The color is a lovely shade of grey & the chain looks great on it.
  9. 09 grey without a doubt!
  10. Do you know anything about the difference in the handles? I can see from the pics that they are different, but without holding them straight up, it is hard to tell if it is the length or just the leather part being a different shape.
  11. ^ I think they are both equal in lenght except that on the F08 its a leather strap that is much thicker and the gold chain is shorter. On the F09 the leather is thinner and the there is more gold chain. I hope that helps (even though I dont have either). Other than that I think the chain should be about the same lenght ...
  12. i prefer the F09 cecilia. i like the shade of grey and the softness of the leather of F09. i'm not sure about the strap length, it seems like they might be the same length.
  13. absolutely 2009.