Grey Caviar Jumbo

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  1. Will a grey caviar jumbo be available for the upcoming season? If so, will it be in the washed caviar or the original version? Any information would be great! Thanks!
  2. Bump!
  3. My boutique is only getting a grey, lamb maxi. They will not be getting anything in grey caviar.
  4. The grey caviar is out now. Saks has the medium (rigid, "normal" caviar) in grey... newly arrived last week (or a few days ago... can't remember when I stopped by). As for whether or not the Jumbo will be released, I'm absolutely sure it will be! Call Saks, a boutique, etc and find out! :smile: I don't think I'll be getting it, but an SA is supposed to call me when it comes in... so supposedly, Saks will be getting it (unless the SA was clueless).
  5. I heard that the boutiques are not getting the grey caviar jumbo flaps. Nordstrom doesn't seem to be either. Has anyone heard any differently?
  6. they have them here in Canada!
  7. Supposedly BG is getting them in.
  8. I just came back from Paris, they have all sizes.caviar medium, jumbo, maxi in gray ! its a gray shade =) the lambskin is a bit darker.
  9. Any pic, would love to see it. Thanks in advance.
  10. ^ Unfortunately, many of the United States Chanel boutiques are not getting the grey caviar jumbo. :sad:
  11. Post pics, anyone?
  12. Yes, pictures!
  13. Does anyone know if the grey caviar is the washed kind? Or the sturdier caviar?
  14. I hope the grey is still there in September.. :oh: