Grey caviar classic flap?

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  1. I've been trying to search this, but all I have found is info on grey classic flaps in lambskin. Is there such thing as a grey classic flap in caviar? Preferably with bijoux chain? Thanks in advance!
  2. I have the grey lambskin in a jumbo with new chain, I dont think it comes i caviar though.
  3. How much are the grey lambskin jumbos? I loooove grey!
  4. Have you considered the distressed black caviar with bijoux chain? I know technically it's black, but it looks like a charcoal grey, IMO. I have one, and I don't consider it a black bag (probably b/c I have too many black bags so had to justify this one!):lol:
  5. It was $2,395 before the price increase.
  6. ya, i've seen one just last month , a dark grey medium classic flap in caviar with bijoux chain and MM lock, that was at the boutique in south coast plaza. they also have the dark white at that time.
  7. Hi Sina! :smile: I think there is a grey caviar classic flap (gris fonce) from fall '06, but I'm not sure if it's available anymore. :sad: I remember seeing pics of mscupcake's grey caviar e/w (which she purchased recently I think), so it's possible that she has a style number, etc., that you could use to have your SA do a search! :heart: I'm certain it had the old chain though, and not the bijoux chain! Good luck! :tup:
  8. I DEFINITELY saw gray caviar, but it was a east/west bag...
  9. Omg! When, where? I prefer jumbo but e/w is fine too! I hope its still around!
  10. This was in December... I was trying to decide between the gray (which now I am kicking myself for not choosing) and the blue... I really loved the gray, it was gorgeous. Wish I could exchange them now... I bet you could find a gray e/w!