Grey camera case ! What to do ?

  1. You can't go wrong with a camera bag. They are FABULOUS!! I'd get it :tup::tup:
  2. I love the camera bag in grey! But i can see from what you mentioned that camera case is not included in your wish list? Then you should probably give yourself more time to think about it. Or else you might end up regretting buying something in impulse ! ;)
  3. ^^^ the camera case with the rectangular turn lock was released in AW08, and not this season, so we wouldn't know if Chanel will release it again in the future.
  4. I agree! I have one and love it! :tup:
  5. i have the large grey. i have said and will say it again, I LVOE CAMERA BAG! =)
    you should go get it.
  6. I love love it!!! I want one too!
  7. how much is it now retail price??
  8. Oh ok so the camera case is always available but not usually with the mademoiselle lock! So then does Chanel usually make the camera bag with the CC turnlocks then? I have never noticed this style until they made the metallic reissue version in 08!

    The reissue camera bags are probably going to be harder to come i think that I would definetly get it then! As I mentioned before such a nice bag and looks easy to use!
  9. Does any one have the measurements for the medium and the large camera case? Thanks!
  10. how many sizes does the camera bag come in? just medium n large? i was told it comes in a small and a large.. pls correct me if im wrong..
  11. It comes in all 3 Small, Medium & Large. There are plenty of pics in reference threads.
  12. there's a medium one on e-bay now, not sure how to post the link.
  13. I love the camera bag, but if I were you, I'd wait for the bordeaux reissue.. :graucho:
  14. grey camera case or 227 reissue in black g/h? i cant decide..