grey camera bag - small size?

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  1. hi everyone! i'm usually more a stalker on this forum, but i just had to post about the small grey camera bag that my amazing DF :love: gave me for our five year anniversary. i think i almost fainted in the store yesterday when the sales told me she had one in stock!

    i usually only see the grey camera bag in medium or large, and i'm just wondering if anyone else on this forum has the small size as well?

    i think this bag is absolutely gorgeous and i :heart: it!!! :cloud9::cloud9::cloud9:

    p.s. if you're looking for a metallic camera bag, chanel on bloor has the darker silver in large and the black in medium.

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  2. Congratulations - it's beautiful!
  3. Stunning! So happy for you! :biggrin:
  4. The grey one is my favorite! COngrats on the bag and your 5 year anniversary!
  5. Love the grey! Congrats and Enjoy. :yahoo:
  6. I LOVE this bag, congrats!!!
  7. I've seen it IRL and it's gorgeous! Great for going out. I remember seeing Alexa Chung wearing one in probably black. I was impressed by the look of the small camera bag, very chic!

    Congrats on your new bag and your 5 yr anniversary!
  8. thank you joyous247, ayshaa, saks4me, bbbarbbb, swanky, enciell for your kind comments! :biggrin: i can't wait to start using her! :smile:
  9. Hello, am bumping this thread because I am looking for this. Has anyone seen this one in the U.S.? The NM by me has the darker silver in this size, but not the aged grey calfskin... TIA!
  10. oops...thought this thread was in the shopping forum...
  11. Congratulation on the 5th anniversary. The purse is pretty. Modeling pics please as I never see a small one IRL.
  12. Love the bag! congrats! I would love a Metallic Camera Case! Are you referring to Bloor as in the Chanel boutique in Toronto?
  13. Happy Anniversary! Love the bag!
  14. #14 Aug 11, 2009
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2009
    modelling pic, as requested (i apologize for the late pic imkirsti). please excuse my weird pose.. .i was trying to show as much of the bag as possible!! :smile: i'm around 5'1 for your reference.

    thanks to imkirsti, chrisy, pro_shopper and cheapmommy for your comments!

    pro_shopper - yes, i was referring to the chanel boutique in toronto (but not the one inside holt renfrew). please post modelling pics when you get it.. .(which one are you leaning towards?).. .the metallics are sooo gorgeous as well!!!

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  15. It looks great on you. I remember seeing the small camera bag in the celebrity thread and it looked really small on kristen dunst (? don't trust my memory these days). It looks like the perfect size for you.

    Tell DH he did a good job with the anniversary present :graucho: