Grey/Black Mayfair problem...

  1. I really love the Mayfair style in general. I have it in black and although I really love it and got it at a rockbottom price of $4and change......I still feel like I want the Grey Mayfair. If I ever found the Grey one - I would return this one in a heartbeat.
    I think I've lost hope. I see that one on eBay - but - it'll probably get bid up and it's already starting at $599. I don't want to return the Black one until I can find the Grey.
    Someone said in a different post that it looks like a Chanel copy...which I didn't agree with at first...but now I'm starting to worry about that - especially in the color black.
    I think I should give up on the Grey one...they had to have made more than 3 of them right? LOL
  2. I've always thought the Mayfair looked a little too "Chanel" for my taste. Actually, when MJ first started doing quilted bags w/chain straps I was surprised becuz it seemed that he was following Coco's trail, but the Stam's taken on a life of its own -- The Mayfair though -- it's shape, the quilting, the chain strap -- it's all a little too Chanel looking for me.

    That said, it's a favorite among lots of MJ lovers, so what do I know!!! If you really want grey, return the black one and either get the one on eBay or wait it out -- even though the one on eBay costs more, you know that grey is a HTF color, and chances are it might not be much lower next time it's listed (unless it's been used)
  3. Is the Grey Mayfair such a HTF color? Were they made in a limited amount? :confused1:
  4. I think it's like Grey anything - I really wanted a Grey Alyona, but gave up before 2nd markdowns - altho I know a few lucky PFers have found them recently at final markdown prices, they were probably customer returns - I never even saw one after 1st markdowns -- quite a few PFers are/were looking for the Mayfair in Grey, and I haven't heard too many success stories.
  5. well- i say keep looking! you never know...

    i also Pm'ed you re: grey mayfair on ebay.
  6. i don't think you should give up on the grey mayfair just yet. there's currently no bids on the ebay one, right? there might not be, you know. the starting price is really high and the strike is going on this week. if there are no bids in the last few hours of the auction, you should message the seller and see if he/she would be willing to sell it to you for a lower price. it couldn't hurt. i've gotten stuff from ebay like that before. just make sure he/she lists it back on ebay for you as a bin for your protection.

    besides, i still think the black looks very nice. i know a lot of people says the mayvair is very similar to chanel, but i think it looks different! chanel quilting and chains are polite, delicate and ladylike while mj's is young, urban, and so much cooler. ;)
  7. aww i dont think you should ever settle because when you carry the bag around youll be wishing she was grey.
  8. Never give up on the grey will come along!!! ;)
  9. I was thinking about the Grey Mayfair all day today. I wish I could just exchange my black one for the grey one arghhh........
  10. Any updates on this?:rolleyes:
  11. ^^^^:rolleyes:<----hey!!!! LOL ;)
    I should have my "official update" Monday or Tuesday.
    I don't want to jinx myself...I promise :smile:
  12. Wokay, missy. Justttt checking! :p