Grey birch Cafe bag vs lg. Phoebe in cornflower blue

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  1. Hi ladies. I am seeking your opinions on the birch gray cafe bag versus the large Phoebe in cornflower blue. I usually don't have a problem making up my mind but I surely am with these two?????
  2. I am really loving the cornflower blue. It is a spectacular color. I really like the birch gray, but to me, it is a more neutral color and there are many neutral colors.

    That being said, I lean towards neutral all of the time. I guess it depends one what you already have. I don;t think you can go wrong with either one. Both are beautiful!
  3. The cornflower P is so pretty and very diff than any color they have done so far.
  4. I agree with both ladies. I also feel like the grey is very light and I typically gravitate toward something that has more color or if it's that light, I want more detail with stitching or hardware.
  5. I saw the cornflower color yesterday and I didn't think I would like it as much as I's really an eye grabbing beautiful color!
  6. Cornflower Phoebe! Love the color and the bag...Not sure I'm crazy about the cafe bag in that color..reads a little mature...The Phoebe is a more modern silhouette IMO. Good luck in choosing!
  7. Thank you for your input ladies.
  8. Cornflower Phoebe!! I looked at her yesterday along with the hobo and she is beautiful!! I purchased the hobo because I already have 2 phoebes and wanted something a little different, even though I went to purchase a Phoebe or a tote. The hobo wasn't listed on the web in that color, but my FP had her and I chose her!! I purchased the gray quartz at the outlet and to me, it is very similar to the gray birch---one has lavender undertones the the other brown. I think I actually prefer the quartz, but both are beautiful and quartz is at the outlets!! Good Luck!!
  9. Thank you for your response. Is it the gray birch that has the lavender undertones? The photos on the website show it as a warmish grey, at least on my monitor This might change my mind regarding color. I also have 2 lg. Phoebes and that is why I have been looking at the Cafe bag. Also I probably have too many blue bags.
  10. The gray quartz has lavender undertones.
  11. I love the cornflower blue.
  12. Is the cornflower blue a light blue, or does it have a more sedate, blue/grey feel? I'm not a light blue kind of girl, but if it has depth, I'm definitely going to be buying this one.

    Thanks for input from those who have seen it with their own eyes! :biggrin: