GREY bags

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  1. grey is my new black i think. can anyone help me find a good brand?
  2. I've never owned an Ananas bag or even seen them in person, but I've read great things about this brand on TPF (do a search for ananas) and I love the simplistic styles. Here's an Ananas Emily bag in gray from

  3. pefect bag,match well with that model
  4. Kooba has some beautiful bags in slate, which is a really nice shade of grey. There are a number of bags shown here in that color, and many of those shown in other colors also come in slate.
  5. Furla has some beautiful soft grey bags this season as does Bottega Veneta but they are very £££ indeed. Might also be worth looking at Bulga who do some unusual bluey-grey coloured bags. Let us know what you choose!
  6. Glad you asked. I'm looking for grey too!
  7. Generra:

    Mike & Chris:
  8. Oh my gosh. They're everywhere. Here's another one! It's Belen Echandia.
  9. Gryson also has some nice grey bags.
  10. Marc Jacobs Deborah in Grey Love it!
  11. Chanel reissue..but it might be hard to find though since this bag is limited edition and 2005 production.
    Here is mine..:heart: :heart: :heart:

    Chanel 02.JPG
  12. Jomashop has fendi spy in grey for a discounted price.
  13. oh i love that not rational bag, where'd you find that one?