Grey and Brown Lambskin Available 8/14/08

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  1. I just got a pic of these two delicious bags from my SAks SA at the Greenwich location. It's 2495 (one size down from jumbo) with shiny silver hw. Just stunning but i'm holding out to see the patent grey!! If you are looking for either bag pls call Margie Vogel at the saks boutique (just in time for egc presale!). And pls post pics so we can drool with you!!

  2. Thanks for posting
  3. These are lovely. Do you by any chance know when the patent grey is coming out as well? I've been dying for one. Thanx!
  4. ^i'm waitlisted for the grey patent but haven't heard a peep. i've seen the 2 grey lambskins for fall and prefall, as well as the matte grey reissue, but no sign of the patent yet. i saw a pair of patent grey shoes (medium to dark grey in color) and wonder if it's not the same grey for the bag??
  5. Thanx for the response! I may just get the grey reissue then.
  6. That's a gorgeous brown ... I wish it had gold hardware!
  7. Thanks for sharing, they are stunning!
  8. yumyum *licks lips* bahahahhahahhaha
  9. L - thanks for posting!~
  10. thanks for posting...... nice nice nice
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    don't spam here Maurice

    He also got the Black Caviar in medium size
    and the Bubble Quilt Bowlers as well as the

    2.55 Grey Jumbo, $2850
    2.55 Black Jumbo, $2850

    I am thiking about the Grey Jumbo Lambskin fro EGC.

    Love this bag.