grey - a great dark natural to have along with black and brown

  1. i just had an epiphany. as you know from my previous thread, i recently acquire a glace frame bag in smoke + slate. this basically falls under the grey category. and i did remember looking at various "smoke"/grey bags recently. but i totally underestimated how different a natural colour grey can be, especially in a bag (leather!). it seems obvious that grey is not black or brown. but somewhere in the back of my mind, i thought grey would just be a lighter black. that is, black will do as well a job. but boy was i wrong. the grey opened up so many colour schemes which was not there before (such as how lovely and different it looked with my silver and turquoise jewelries).

    so for those of you who are sitting on the fence about grey, thinking that it might be a frivolous colour you do not need, it is not!

    if you have a lot of colours such as purple, turquoise, etc, this is a great neutral colour to have, which black or brown will never substitute!

    hurrah for grey! and i don't mean only this season! :yahoo:
  2. agreed!! i have a light grey chloe betty i bought a few seasons ago on sale - i guess people were not sure about a grey bag - and i thought why not? it was on sale after all... but boy do i love that bag!!! all year round it is amazing... with white dresses in summer, with black shoes and with brown... with hot pink and with turquoise... so understated and perfect!!! i especially love my grey with hot pink...
  3. now i want different shades of grey... :p
  4. yeah... or textures... like patent v. suede... i think i'm going to look for grey suede... maybe miu miu makes something...
  5. :p this forum is dangerous isn't it?
  6. both awful - where did all my money go? - and wonderful - ohmigod i got the best deals/look at all my amazing stuff/i need more closet space - at the same time... sigh

    why are we the only 2 who think grey bags are awesome??? i would have thought someone else would have at least agreed/disagreed... i know you guys are out there - say something!!!
  7. Oh'r not alone...I love grey bags too :graucho:
  8. I've joined the club with my latest acquisition - Miu Miu Bow Satchel in Smoke Grey!! :love:
  9. I'd love a grey Prada - in fact, I was at Tyson's today - saw some great bags in Neiman's and Saks...but alas, no funds!

    I do have a deep charcoal grey Chloe Paddington with brushed gold hardware - haven't used it for a while...I might have to look that one up!
  10. YEY! let's get our various greys out this winter and start a trend!
  11. by the way, i just noticed that the "smoke" of miu miu and prada is a kinda brownish grey. ah. i have never been this goo goo gaa gaa over any neutral colour...
  12. drool... miu miu bow satchel in smoke grey... want one too!!!
  13. awong, that smokey grey is sooo lovely. bisbee, did you get your grey paddy out for a walk? :smile:
  14. Bagpunk & all the other ladies with lovely grey bags... would you post pics please? I wear a lot of brown & black, and would love to find a shade of gray that looks good with both colors so I don't have to keep switching from a brown bag to a black when I change outfits. I'd also love to find a shade of grey that works in winter as well as summer (is that asking too much of a bag?)

    dorafigadora, would love to see your grey bag that works summer/winter, with neutrals & colors. Sounds like you've found that perfect color bag!
  15. I just received a smoke gray bag from Bluefly - love the color, but it's a little splotchy. Is that normal, or do you think I should return it?