Gretchen is perfect if you are not into a huge bag and single shoulder strap

  1. I wanted a fashionable bag but could not bear the thought of a huge bag and lots of shoulder straps that would slip. I got the Gretchen, and absolutely love it. I wear it for both casual and business. I work for a very conservative Fortune 500 company and do not change my bag. I buy one bag, spend alot and carry it forever. In fact, I was hooked on simple very small Brighton bags for their clean look. But, as I said, I wanted something that was more fashionable. I love my Kooba. I love Kooba's anyway. I got mine for $395 at Nordstom's. Kooba has this bag for $415 on their website including ship. I saw some on eBay today that looked good for a great price. Never bought a bag on eBay, but buy other things. I suggest you read the feedback from other buyers before you buy ANYTHING on eBay. NEVER PAY CASH. I pay with credit and have extra protection through paypal only, AND INSURANCE. FOR EXTRA CARE, BUY THROUGH KOOBA...YOU WON'T GO WRONG. I will keep this bag for years and when you think it is less than $1 a day...why scrimp and you use it everyday!
  2. Thanks for posting!!!!!