Greta's ears are up and she looks like Curious George

  1. So yesterday Greta's ears went up all the way. She's becoming a big girl chidoodie.


    and I think she looks like Curious George.


    She's practically a monkey anyways, the way she crawls and jumps all over me.

    Here's a few close-ups.



    Don't mind my yoga pants...and that computer cord looks like flip flops. hehe

    I'm such a proud mommy...let me know when you get into Greta-overload!! :roflmfao::wlae:
  2. so darling!
  3. awww, i love puppies!!!!
  4. What a real doll!
  5. How cute! Great photos, thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone!:heart:
  7. What a little angel!!! More pictures!!!
  8. Aww she is so adorable. I wonder if she will be just as mischievous as Curious George ?
  9. Thanks Snowwhite! I have to strategically space out the pics so as not to have everybody rolling their eyes at me. lol!

    Pradasmeadow, She's pretty mischievous already, but the good news is, she's getting sweeter by the day, I just hope she ends up with a lovely personality.
  10. She is so sweet looking....
  11. I just love these pictures!! Where I live it is Chi heaven, cause there are a lot of people who live in small homes or have apartments and they can have a small doggie, so there a million well loved Chi's here. I love your doggies!!
  12. :love: Awww!! I just want to hug her!!
  13. OMG so cute! I will never get tired of looking at pictures of pups.
  14. Danica you are killing me!! LOL

    I am seriously looking through Bentley's baby pics...he will never be a teeny puppy again :sad: LOL

    Does Greta have a teeny white patch on her chest too?
  15. Haha! awww! You are so sweet! I wanna move to chi heaven so Maya and Greta can have little chi friends!