Grenta-Bordeaux color pic needed-help

  1. I just wanted to know if someone has a good picture of a
    Bordeaux color Balenciaga bag?:confused1:

    Is that color from 2006 or 2007 S/S????

    Any advice.

    I`m getting the bag in a day style...yeah....:yahoo:
  2. this is the grenat '06 work :



    and congrats on ur day :party:
  3. Here is my Bordeaux from 05:
  4. [​IMG]Here is my 05 bordeaux first
  5. Here's my '06 Grenat Weekender ...
  6. It is so hard to tell which color is which from photographs. I wonder if anyone has both so we can see them side by side.

    Anyway, the bordeaux is from fall 05 and grenat is from fall 06.
  7. Thanks you guys, now Barneys told me that it is
    the 2007 wine color?
    Is there a winecolor or is it called bordeaux or grenat.
    What is the difference?:confused1:
    I will get it next I`m not even sure what I`m
    getting-any ideas?:rolleyes:
  8. I think it would have to be 06 grenat. Here's a photo of my 05 bordeaux. This is before handle cleaning at LMB (I'll try to post after pics. soon).
  9. Citychris, thanks ----it`s beautiful, I reallly hope I`m getting grenat??
  10. Gina, that bag is so gorgeous, do I dare copy from you again?
  11. Here's my 06 Grenat Day. It's difficult to capture the true color, but I think this is the closest!!

  12. I have BOTH a grenat coin and a bordeaux first. I'll bet you're getting the grenat. I'll take a pic of them side by side but cassidy's pic is spot on (on my monitor) and ceejays is dead on for the grenat. The grenat has a little more red whereas the bordeaux is more on the 'wine'/blue'/purple side. VERY little difference though.
  13. grenat coin:

  14. bordeaux

  15. the grenat looks too red next to the blue