Grenelle opinions needed please

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Pink or black?

  1. Pink

    18 vote(s)
  2. Black

    17 vote(s)
  3. Keep looking

    4 vote(s)
  1. I went in today with a list of bags to try on, but barely got past the Grenelle. I really liked it, but want opinions.

    The black has a matte black logo and I'm a bit concerned as the one on display already had a little mark (pictured below). :hrmm:

    The pink is pretty and the logo is shiny. I think any scratches wouldn't be as noticeable. Sorry, didn't get a close up of the pink logo.

    I tend to wear a lot of black and grey, and now that I'm looking at the pics, I like how the pink pops. The black is just so classic. Thoughts?

    20190509_182217.jpg 20190509_182408.jpg 20190509_182127.jpg
    Sorry for so many pics of the black. Too many posted!
    20190509_182349.jpg 20190509_182245.jpg 20190509_182309.jpg

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  2. Black
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  3. I voted for the pink, if you wear a lot of black and grey it will look really nice against that background. The only concern would be color transfer or the light color getting dirty, but this pale pink is very pretty if you are okay with light colored bags.
  4. These were my thoughts exactly. A little worried about transfer, but definitely think the pink pops nicely against black clothing. I did like the matte black logo on the black though!
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  5. Thank you for your valuable input.
  6. I love love the black.
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  7. black
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  8. well if you care what the people looking at you prefer.... I like that pop of pink with your dark clothing. If I were trying to decide for myself I would definitely think about how many black bags I already owned. That pink is so pretty.
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  9. Black!
  10. Pink would be a nice compliment to your outfits and works well as a neutral.
  11. I vote for Pink, but i think the logo will scratch a lot .. is the bag well made ?
  12. Black :smile:
  13. My vote goes to pink. The black is nice too, but as it is a very clear and structured bag, the pink would give it a female note.
  14. Black. Looks stunning. Classic.
  15. I don't hate the pink like I usually would, but I still prefer the black.
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