grenat v truffle colour comparison

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  1. Hi - I am considering another Day in what I believe is 07 'truffle'. I recently got an 06 Day in grenat (love it) but I am just wondering if anyone has a pic of a grenat and a truffle coloured bag together? The grenat has alot of brown undertones and the pics of the truffle make it seem quite dark therfore quite 'similar'? Any advice would be appreciated..any pics would be even better! The grenat has RH, the truffle GGH so I suppose they would be different enough in that respect! Many thanks..x
  2. #2 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    They are not similar at all. Here is a photo of grenat and also truffle:

    06 Truffle
    06 Grenat
    Also 07 Truffle with GGH

    ** I miss all of these bags. I think Truffle is the most neutral prettiest brown ever.
  3. Z&J love your '06 Grenat Box :tup:
  4. :pout::pout::pout: Why did I ever let her go???????
  5. Thank you so much Z&J - super quick perfect reply!!
    You're right - they are certainly different enough to justify having both!! :graucho: Thank you so much for taking the time to post the photos for me x
  6. hmmm...she is rather gorgeous!
  7. Glad I could help :smile: