Grenat purse--but had to make sacrifices

  1. Just picked up my grenat purse on Monday and just love it (big thanks to Z&J for returning it to the store)!:heart:
    I am now also head over heels with the shopping tote so that will be my next balenciaga purchase.
    I also have been going a bit crazy on Chanel (I've been cheating on you on that forum)
    But with these happy new purchases, comes compromise:sad: and I had to spend a couple hours looking at my bags to decide which ones to let go...wish I had Nicole Richie's budget...
  2. macp6, i've been having the same problems. i preordered a chanel bag and am now pondering if i should cancel that order. i've got the chance to get one of my dream bags...
    such is the life of a bag lover, i guess?
  3. Yay, Macp6 so glad you love her. Isn't the leather amazing. I'm so glad it went to a loving home.
  4. Jennifer--thanks for commiserating with me...(are you talking about the vintage ligne bag from Chanel?? if so, she is lovely--don't cancel order, you can always return if you don't lover her!!)
    Z&J--I will take good care of her!!
  5. Glad to hear you got your Grenat purse and love it & the color. What color are you considering for the shopper? :smile:
  6. I am open on the color but want something versatile that I will not be afraid to carry. Black ofcourse is versatile but I think may be too boring. I loooove the white but am afraid of the color. I have the first but hardly used it for fear of ruining it--so I promised myself that I wouldn't do that again (what good is a bag if you are afraid to show it off?). Maybe the ink....:shrugs:
  7. I totally agree. Get something you won't be afraid to carry! INK sounds like it would be gorgeous in the Shopper! Good luck deciding/hunting/getting! :smile:
  8. Keep us updated on what you pick!
  9. macp6, yes!!! that chubby tote from the vintage ligne! :heart:
    i don't know what to do... i also found one of my dream bags, a plum LV suhali bag.... i'd love both, lol!
  10. i really want ot see your tote and your purse. those are my two favorite shapes.
  11. Congrats!! Isn't it a beautiful colour? I know where you're coming from because I want a purse and a work and therefor I have to sell 2 bags but I picked the ones that sit in my cupboard anyway.
  12. CONGRATS! I'm seriously gagging to see pics of this!!!!!!!
  13. Kathleen and Cal, I wish I could post pics of the purse but don't know how to reduce size. I really have to learn to do that...I am going to get my manual out now and see if I can figure it out. (The shopping tote is still a dream until I sell my other bags...)