Grenat owners: Do the veins eventually disappear over time?

  1. I'm wondering because I've never had one before because of the leather but I love the deep red and wanted to know if the veins fade and eventually disappear. Also, how does the leather finish and leather look change over time?

    I know its an 06 and alot from then were a bit waxy/shiny in terms of the finish or touch. Does that change dramatically or more or less stay as is?

    Any input from long term grenat owners on how the leather look changed (or didn't) is welcomed. Thanks!
  2. good question! i'm curious about this too.
  3. I've had mine for about 2 months, and after using it everyday(I always do this to break the bag in:smile:), she got soooo smooshy.

    She used to have the shiny/waxy finish to her, but now I have the perfect amount of sheen on her....not too shiny, not too mat. The leather softened up a lot as well(used to be stiff), it's incredibly soft to touch....
    My bag didn't have veins to begin with, just minor I'm not much of a help, sorry!!

    But for some reason, the color got more saturated...became more deep red. I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm lovin' it! I definitely love this color a lot more now!!!!

    This is what she looks like now:heart:


  4. :love::drool::heart::wtf::nuts::love:!!
  5. My 06 Grenat Purse has gotten more smooth and smooshy over time. Not waxy at all.

  6. ;)
    I don't have a Grenat bag, but I do know for any overly veiny bag you can moisturize it and the veins will go away. Also, you can choose when to stop massaging the moisturizer in whenever a bag acheives the look you want!
  7. beautiful bags! thank you so much for the replies! :heart:
  8. tooshies and addy, thanks for sharing how your grenats have broken in! I just got a grenat mini b and it is a bit on the shiny/stiff side.
  9. Great info. ... thanks :smile:. Love the pics too:heart:.
  10. No problem, glad to help!!!!!:tup::tup:

    karen, I'll keep my eyes WIDE open for you!:heart:
  11. Actually no need now :graucho:

    I'll post pics tommorrow.
  12. :wtf::wtf::yahoo:

    My god. That had to be the quickest hunt ever!!!!!!!

    Do post pics! I'm dying to see another gorgey Grenet!:tup:
  13. please:yes:
  14. Congrats karen- The grenat is such a lovely color! I love how the color deepens... yummy.
  15. here is my Grenat Work before I wore her:



    and after: