Grenat, Greige or Truffle - HELP!

  1. Getting ready to make my first Balenciaga purchase. I know I want the City but which color??? Grenat, Greige or Truffle - help!

    :hysteric: Confused
  2. Welcome, rhia! :flowers: I'm partial to reds so grenat would be my choice. I think it looks fabulous. But if you're for something more neutral, then the truffle would get my vote!
  3. Hello-
    I also would go for the Truffle - there's been so many great pictures of it on the forum.
  4. Between those three - i'd pick Grenat. It seems more special than the other two.
  5. Truffle!! The leather is gorgeous and very yummy!
  6. Grenat!! I love red!
  7. my vote for grenat
  8. I think it would depend on your wardrobe, but without that info, I would choose the Grenat, then the Truffle, then the Greige! Are you able to see them in person, or are you choosing just from seeing the colours on your monitor?

    I wish you well,

  9. I'm not a grenat girl, but if you want neutral, greige is incredible.I love mine more than I ever thought possible. That being said, I have considered a truffle as well... beautiful, rich color.
  10. I like Greige better out of three. It is much better IRL.:yes:
  11. Grenat it is!!!
  12. thanks the richness of the truffle and the funkiness of grenat, greige i think is more i'm even more confused :upsidedown:. haven't seen the colors IRL, aloharag sent me a pdf file with the different styles and colors available.

    iloveelmo, is the greige more beige or gray?

    :hysteric: still confused
  13. Greige is easy to match with denim. Depends on your wardrobe I reckon. =)
  14. Greige is more grey in my opinion. I have the city and it's absolutely gorgeous!
  15. Greige I understand is greyish beige. It is more on beige side compare to S/S 06 gray which is like elephant gray. It is gorgeous and can go with most of the color.:yahoo:
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