Grenat Dilema - Please Help!!

  1. Well, I couldn't believe it, but this morning after a phone call to BalNY, I found out that they have both a Grenat 06 City and First in stock. I was beside myself with excitement, and I had the SA send photos of both bags so I could choose. Here's my dilema: My desire to add a Grenat to my collection came from the beautiful photo's posted by other TPFer's, such as the one below that I attached as an example. However, in the photo sent by the SA at BalNY the color looks almost like a dirty tomato brown (not to mention the fact that the SA laid my potential babies on the floor next to a dirty footprint, but that's a rant for another day...) Can those of you who have seen this bag in person let me know what this bag really looks like IRL?
    TPF Grenat.jpg First and City Grenat - from BalNY.jpg
  2. here is my grenat work and this is very true-to-life color:

  3. [​IMG]
  4. Go for it - how lucky of you to call BalNY and hear about that!
  5. What a beautiful color. So lucky that they had not just a city but a first also to choose from.
  6. oooh its lovely, congrats!
  7. Does it look like the First has darker handles, or is it the lighting? Good luck choosing!!
  8. i think i prefer the city over the first.. ITA with s-o-f, i do think there might be darkened handles on the first..
  9. I think it's just the lighting/monitor differences. There's very little to no brown in the photos to my eye, though the color looks oddly blotchy. I doubt that's the case though -- there have been a number of threads before about the difficulty of photographing bags and colors accurately due the the leather variation, sheen, etc. I do agree that the First looks as though it may have been carried, so I'd also go for the City. I think it's a more useful bag as well.
  10. I'd for for the City; you can fit more stuff in it!
  11. i'd go for that city, the leather is to die for!
  12. The lighting in BalNY seems to be horrible. Almost all the photos I've seen of bags the color just looked blah. They need some sunlight when they take photos of the bags. That grenat city sure does look gorgeous though!
  13. The lighting in the NYC Balenciaga boutique is horrible! Even the SAs there will tell you that when you're shopping there.

    I doubt that's they floor, it's most likely the rock-like raised areas near the big door that beholds all the Balenciaga treasures inside. I guess someone walked on it...

    I don't think there's any problem with the First bags handles, it looks like shade from the strap. If I were you, I'd decide by I want a small bag that I can easily transition from day to night or would I prefer a bigger bag that will hold a lot?
  14. There is no brown in the Grenat I have. It's an oxblood colour, in fact, that's what BalNY calls it. A deep, burgundy red. It's a really lovely, lovely colour! As for size, that's such a personal choice. Will this bag just be for going out on the evening, or more for an everyday bag? Do you tend to carry a lot of stuff around with you? Personally between the two, I would choose the City, I think it's just more versatile size wise.

    I wish you well,

  15. I agree; I have a Grenat Day that looks (IMO) so close to the bordeaux. So rich in color; without any brown at all. I say go for it; in the City size.