Grenat City BIN 999

  1. why cant people take better pictures? gees! Are the handles really dark or is it my tired eyes? Bottom edge looks dark too. hmmm....not sure about this one.
  2. ^I know. the pictures don't capture what they need to and I'm getting tired of asking for more. And ditto on the handles possibly looking too dark.
  3. GOD I hear ya!!! It is NOT rocket science - DO NOT make your images a teeny 400 pixels wide for gosh sakes!! You're selling an expensive item - AT least link to bigger pictures.
  4. Yeah, the handles look pretty dark. She doesn't say much about the condition of the bag, except that it's "excellent" and you can't really tell the condition clearly from those pics. :sad:
  5. I got additional pictures from her. It looks like a pretty thick leathered 05 bordeaux. Quite nice. The details check out. PM me if you want me to email you those pics. I've meanwhile asked her permission to just post those pics on this thread, which I would think she'd be happy to allow.
  6. But are the handles as dark as they appear to be? Any other wear on it? C'mon decophile, I'm counting on you here! ha.:smile:
  7. Sorry Donna, I didn't ask any condition type questions. :sad: I lost my focus and vigilance after my bordeaux Work arrived today. But I have some authenticity photos to post. I have her permission to do so. She is a PFer!
  8. And two more
  9. OMG- I have been trying to decide between a grenat and blueberry city as my first (and likely only) Balenciaga for anniversary/Christmas combo gift...what to do- should I get this Bordeaux? Do you guys think the handles are too dark? Argh...indecision!
  10. I'm new to this...what's the deal with "dark handles?" How can you see that from the pictures? Does it detract from the beauty of the bag?