Grenat and Sapin Toilet Cases, NEW

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  1. She actually had a black and a truffle up earlier today but they must have sold already! These are great accessories!
  2. I bought the black one....:love:
  3. YEAH! I will be getting my black one within the next week. We'll be twinkies! I really am thinking about the grenat one.
  4. Do you know how much they sell for retail at Balenciaga??
  5. They are $495 at Bal NY:yes:
  6. Thanks! That's a good deal then. They look very usable & deep... for makeup & stuff .. ;))
  7. Grenat is gone...and it was a gorgeous color for a make-up bag!
  8. I got the grenat one! woohoo! The sapin is gorgeous, someone needs to grab it! I would have loved to have seen the truffle one, did someone here get it?
  9. I have this in black and it is SO useful - it fits alot and is lined in vinyl which contained my hand sanitizer spill! So cute, too.

  10. Congrats Donna! I got the sapin :yahoo: I saw these earlier this morning....Both the grenat and sapin were beautiful, but since I have a grenat makeup, I decided to go with the sapin for variety.