Grenat 1st - Shd I get it?

  1. I just hit "Add to Cart" for a Grenat First. Its going for $950. Do u think I shd go ahead and get it?? :smile:

    Thot I could get your opinions on the bag before I make my purchase.. heheheh. I really want anything in Magenta but I know its impossible to get one now.. :crybaby:
  2. ... Did you read about the LE Magenta Cities at BalNY?? Are they out already?
  3. Definitely get it! I have a grenat first and I love it. The color goes w/ everything, I think it's a lot more versatile than magenta.
  4. Grenat is one of my fave colors! Go for it!
  5. I wouldn't get it if you're not totally loving and dreaming about this colour. You'll end up selling it anyway.
  6. Thanks alot for your advice gals!!

    I'll give it a serious thot on it again and decide if I really want the color. Heheh.

    I want the First!! But I want Magenta!!.. Aawwwww...
  7. My thought about shopping like that is this. Do you really really love it?

    If you kept going back and forth, then you don't love it enough.
  8. Save the money and get the magenta instead! :graucho:
  9. I love grenat! It goes with everything!
  10. weyyy...where is this grenat first? where? where?hmmmm...spill it gerl.:graucho:
    Anyway...first is a great style... but I think you can wait for a magenta?
  11. The grenat is a wonderful versatile understated colour – goes with everything, unlike magenta. I happen to dislike magenta intensely, but I love grenat!
  12. Personally, i think u have to weigh against which one u like best, if u are willing to wait for one to pop up esp for the magenta color, then be patience...if u can't then, grenat is actually a great color (similar to bordeaux) long u can convince urself that u will accept grenat and not think abt magenta......u shld go ahead to bid the grenat first....:smile:
  13. I was wondering, what is the difference between Bordeux and Grenat despite their similarities? Im considering a city/twiggy thats deep blood red without the purple undertones.
  14. Is it the grenat first on Ann's Fabulous Finds? The leather on it looks really yummy.
  15. I have both colours. Bordeaux is the one with the purplish undertones – looks like old blood :yucky:. Grenat is a slightly lighter, more vibrant colour, which I adore! :heart: If it wasn't for the fact that my Bordeaux is in the discontinued Mini Twiggy style that I love, I would not keep it.