Grelots Key Holder and Chain

  1. Here they are:

    Grelots Key holder $315

    Grelots Key Chain $395

    Both on Elux now !!!!:tup:

    key holder.jpg grelots.jpg
  2. Cute! But I don't think I like them enough to buy them...
  3. I've seen them both they are really cute I have the short chain reserved for me they wouldn't let me buy now because it wasn't released yet also there was one person above me on the list.

    I think you'll either love it or hate it, but it looks better irl than pics
  4. I wonder if the little grelots (bells) really jingle ??
  5. they jingle a little but not that much not like a real bell
  6. So cute, would love one.
  7. Very pretty, but expensive.
  8. There is a cell phone charm too, but I can't find that's a bit cheaper than the other 2.
  9. Same here. I saw them yesterday and they're cute but I don't want them.
  10. I had pre paid for the chain charm since last Friday and was suposed to pick it up yesterday but changed my mind for two reasons, too noisy and too big.

    I already have the pastilles chain and I thought it would be the same length, but found it to be a bit longer.

    Another thing that's putting me off about this type of jewelry from LV is the tarnish factor, my pastilles necklace charm has already started to tarnish... :sad:

  11. ^^^^

    You're kidding me?!!
    So sorry to hear that, I hope you can get it replaced.
    It's too pricey to have it tarnish in less than a year !!!!:tdown:
  12. ^^^

    I felt the same way as well.

    I just saw these and I think they are really cute but I wasn't too crazy about them that I had to buy them.
  13. I mentioned it yesterday while I was at LV but they didn't offer any help in that regards.. they just sort of agreed that these things "will eventually tarnish since they are made of brass" direct quote.
    My SA wasn't there yesterday so I'll ask her next time what I can do about it. :s

    I really have no complaints about my pastilles charm bracelet (or my local LV :heart:), they replaced it with a new one when the chain snapped during the summer.

    Enjoy your new Grelots charm when you get it, they really are super adorable.
  14. Ditto. But, I might feel otherwise if I didn't already have the Pastilles in Pastel, which I just LVOE!!
  15. I agree with the consensus.. pastilles was way cuter !