Greissimo mules with skinny jeans? In autumn?

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  1. Am I being nuts?

    I have a pair of Madagascar Greissimo Mules on the way and a first date coming up soon so want to wear them, obviously! I was thinking of pairing them with skinny jeans but not sure if they'd work (I've only ever worn knee high boots with skinny jeans... do have some 501s though which could work?)... plus it's turned cold here so not sure if I'm being really silly.

    Is my love of shoes getting in the way of reality again?
  2. Hi, hanna! I think definitely you should wear them with skinny jeans. Look at all the fashion magazines - that's what they're showing with all shoes. You'll look fabulous, and they should be there any day now. ;)
  3. Never let the temp get in the way of great shoes! I think it will look hot. Be sure to post a pic for us in the outfit thread!
  4. Thanks ladies! Cannot wait to get them!

    I may just be tempted to post pics in the outfit thread. I wear CLs 19 days out of 20 but have never posted on there... perhaps I may.