Greige Work

  1. I am looking for Greige Work. Do you think Balenciaga still produces the color? I might be going to Paris end of this year. What are the chances of me getting it there? Thanks!:rolleyes:
  2. g'luck searching.... i think this might belong in the shopping forum. you might want to call around to dept stores or even if balnyc might have one floating around but i doubt. your best best would be e-bay. (ps. don't be jealous of my avatar! muahahahha. LoL) Yeah my greige work just went to asia with me, it's a great neutral and hides dirt very well. g'luck again on your search.
  3. they are not as hard to get as you think...
    do a search on the internet and i'm sure one will pop up "you know where"
    that's all i'm going to say :p
  4. I would prefer to buy it from the boutique. Do you think my chances are high? Does Balenciaga still produce that colour? Thanks.
  5. no, that color is discontinued. and chances of finding one in a boutique are slim to none. sorry. your best bet would be to check eBay. g'luck
  6. nope, the color is discontinued. sorry. so chances of finding one in a boutique are slim to none. g'luck searching.
  7. Yes, I'm jealous of your avatar :p thanks for the info.. it's really sad when you cant buy the colour you want. Btw, I have a question. Can your Greige Work be worn on the shoulder? I've tried several colors of Work and each one is different, some can be worn easily on the shoulder some are tight on the shoulder...
  8. the handles on mine are stretched out and i have a small frame, so mine fit comfortably over my shoulder. :smile:
  9. theres actually one on eBay now... (am I allowed to say that???).... good luck!
  10. ^yeah i saw that too.... i am not too sure either if we can say that. i think we just can't post a link to the auction.
  11. ^^^ oops... :p
  12. I saw it, too. The color looks like sandstone to me. Tell me.. is it my eyes or..
  13. Oh actually I just realized.. there are 2 greige work on auction now..