Greige vs. Sandstone

  1. If you guys had a choice between buying a Greige Work or a Sandstone Work, which would you choose?
  2. Greige
  3. :heart: :heart: :heart: Sandstone, of course.
  4. Sandstone.:tup:
  5. That is a hard choice and it depends on the leather and color of the bags. I think a really pretty Greige is hard to beat, but I'm also a huge sandstone lover.:sweatdrop:
  6. i think it would depend on the condition of the leather. if you like both colors, choose the one with nicer leather. i think both colors are equally as nice.
  7. Greige
  8. I had a Greige Day once, but the colour didn't work well with me. It was too dull...I would choose sandstone!
  9. Griege, but mostly because i know the colour would look better on me. I love both colours pretty equally otherwise :yes:
  10. i love greige more than sandstone but that is just me. sandstone is so pretty too.
  11. Greige
  12. Another vote for greige, that color is so pretty.
  13. Such a great question. How can one choose? I believe a member here has comparison pictures, so why don't you try to search for those.

    Greige is really grey. Sandstone has a little more warmth to it. But of course this description doesn't help either~!

  14. Sandstone!
  15. Greige!