Greige Purse, white City, or White Muse

  1. Hi, now since I have sold my rouge vif purse, I need a replacement. I am in the choice of Greige Purse, white City, or White Muse because I want to have a off white or white color of bag. Just can't decide, what you all think?
  2. i do not know what the muse looks like:confused1: , but the white city is gorgeous!
  3. Curious! Why did you want to sell your rouge vif? It's such a lovely color. I would pick white will make you stand out for sure.
  4. I love the rouge vif purse, but red is just not my color. I need a more conservative color.
  5. White city!
  6. Personally, I love Greige Purse :love:
  7. White city
  8. white city
  9. greige purse :smile:
  10. I say Greige Purse since it is discountinued now and it fit the same amount as a City.
  11. White city or white muse!
  12. White City for sure. I think the white City is a killer combo. What about Natural? It's pretty light compared to greige.
  13. totally go for the WHITE city!!!
  14. greige purse! great color AND discountined style = get it!

    if you're going to go with a white bag though, muse is the way IMO. I'm not really a fan of the balenciaga's in white :shrugs:
  15. This is why it's so hard to decide! Too many good stuff overthere, and too little money