Greige partime or city....

  1. :confused1: :sad:
    Hi y`all

    I`m still looking for a greige F/W 06 partime or city.
    Does any of the stores still carry it?

    I called B/NY they only have a feedbag.
    Any help?:idea:
  2. hi swissflower! i thought i saw a greige city on eBay.
  3. Yes it was sold.

    Search goes on....but I think I found something
  4. What the heck is a feedbag? :confused1:
  5. I think the day/hobo.
    It looks like a bag to feed the horses.
    U can put it over the horses head with the strap behind the ears and then he can eat out of it.

    Hugs FX:heart:
  6. Don't leave us in suspense!
    What did you find?!?!
  7. If you are open to a griege Work, can try Norway store. The last time I got mine, the leather was thick and perfectly distressed, not veiny.
  8. What is Norway store??

    I purchased a greige Twiggy-brand new...:yahoo:
  9. What is Norway store??

    I purchased a greige Twiggy-brand new...:yahoo:
  10. I`m so excited to get it , to post things twice...sorry.
    will post pics when I get her..
  11. congrats! greige is an awesome color (very very versatile) and the twiggster is a great style.

  12. Does the Greige have a tinch of lilac when seen from afar?
  13. Okay, thanks... ;) I was wondering if it might be the Courier or the Messenger ... the Day didn't occur to me!
  14. so sorry you didn't get the greige city, but congrats on the twiggy! we're greige twiggy sistahs...:nuts:
  15. If I'm remembering correctly, Greige come out Pre-Fall and the PT was released F/W. I remember I sent my Greige City back and had them hold my credit for my BI Twiggy, which came out a little while later. I definitely remember that Fall was one the PT came out (when we all saw the BI PT on the Bal website!). So I don't think a Greige PT exists (but I could be wrong!).