Greige overload - please help me decide

  1. Beleive it or not, I have three griege bbags! :confused1: City I have carried one time, box nwt from BalNY so cannot be returned, and a twiggy nwt that I can still return to Neiman Marcus. I need to let one go, but cannot decide which! Think I should keep the box for obvious reasons (discontinued style, color, etc) plus I really do :love: it. They all have equally gorgeous leather so that isn't a factor. Please help me decide: sell city or box or return twiggy to NM, where I will hopefully find another bbag to replace it?
  2. i say sell twiggy, keep box for your reasons above, city is a classic x
  3. I would sell the twiggy :smile:
  4. Keep the city as it so versatile a style, and return the twiggy IMO
  5. I would also say that you should return the twiggy, especially since NM will take it back - refunds are good.
  6. return twiggy, no hassle with returns.
  7. You love the box and should keep it. Twiggy is too close so return it, since you can. And keep the city, too.
  8. Thanks ladies! Back to NM goes the twiggy! Can't wait to see what else they have!:p
  9. ITA with everyone else. Part with the twiggy.
  10. Twiggy - esp. since you can just bring it back & find another bag ;)
  11. Return the twiggy and keep the city because that's a classic
  12. Hmmm

    Although I LOVE the Twiggy... I think shes the one that has to go
  13. Return twiggy.