Greige or the 06 lilac in the City??

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  1. Hi guys!

    This is my first time getting a city... but I don't know which color to get!! I really need some advice!

    btw: I'm sooo excited to get my first bbag!!! :heart:
  2. i'd go for the greige. while a rare few 06 lilacs turned out really nice, the leather for 06 is much better than the leathers i've seen on the 06 lilacs. the greige is also a gorgeous colour and really easy to wear
  3. I'm rooting for greige! It's such an easy colour to match and the leather is much nicer. =)
  4. my first choice was black... but sigh... I wish I could actually touch and see the colors... not just through pdf files.. do you think the greige is too plain?
  5. do you think the greige is too plain? :s I wish my options were more than just looking at a pdf file... u know what i mean? I'd like to see and feel the leather. :Push: still unsure which color....

    does anyone have any pics of the grige :P .... it would deff help!
  6. they are both gorgeous! but go with whichever would match your wardrobe more..

    i'd go for the lilac only because it's harder to get such a pretty shade in other bags.. =)
  7. Hi Kuuip021,

    I just purchased a gray/greige/cement I've heard it called different colors. I think we are talking about the same color :s

    But I picked this gray'ish cement color based on talking with a Bal Ny SA-Daphne (she was wonderful). Anyway, she said based on my needs and colors I wear that the Cement color would work the best. I wear a lot of neutrals, jeans w/black tees, browns, etc. Here is a link to my post about getting my first B bag and there were a couple members who posted their pics. of the gray/cement/greige color. Hope this helps and good luck!

  8. I think the greige looks yummy -- the colour is wonderful and the leather looks like it has squish factor.
  9. I am jumping on the bandwagon. Definitely greige, it's such a great color and very versatile too!
  10. Here's a pic of the Greige but this pic is making it look much more beige/honey-ish than it is IRL. It's actually a LOT more grey. I bought this bag based on its gorgeous leather but ended up returning it as I just prefer darker bags.

    If your first choice is black, I say get black!
  11. Thank you ALL for helping me decide on the color.

    GREIGE IT Is!!!

    I can't wait for my FIRST bag!! It will be here in about 2 weeks.


    Thanks Amanda for the extra link.

  12. I'd go with the greige as well- much easier to coordinate clothing with it. I have a lilac box and although it's a really pretty colour, it's a bit of a bummer to match with the clothes I have. I always end up wearing purpley shades, white or black with it- and I don't have many purpley shades of clothing
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