Greige or Marron? Help!!!

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  1. I'm thinking about getting a Greige First or maybe a Marron City. Does anyone have pics of either colours. I've had a few SA tell me that both colours are lovely, but I've not seen either IRL. Please help if you've got pics.

  2. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera (must get one for Xmas!) so I can't send you a photo, but I just bought a Marron First, and the color is gorgeous. It's very sophisticated -- I was choosing between the Marron and the Greige myself.

    They are both beautiful bags, to be sure. I went with the Marron because the darker color would be more versatile for me given that it is my first b-bag. What other colors do you have? And what are you looking for -- primarily a day bag or an evening bag?

    And just a note, the highly distressed Marrons didn't look as good to me as the less distressed -- in fact, if BalNY didn't have a Marron with low distress, I would have gone with the Greige. But that's just personal taste. If you like a lot of distress, then that won't matter to you.
  3. What color undertone is the Marron? Brown, or more red?
  4. More brown, some have a little olive undertone.
  5. My sis has Marron and it's a lovely color. The plus side is dirt won't show as much on the handles than the Griege.
  6. Here's a pic of my MARRON - it is distressed, but with this color that is more than ok with me - I have gotten more compliments on this bag than my others!
  7. Griege!! I can't say enough wonderful things about this color. It has so much depth and is truly a unique color.

    Here's a pic of my city:

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  8. The Marron is a dark olive-brown. In darker lighting situation, mine also has a vague purple-ish cast to it.
  9. Personally I love the Marron shade but I think both are very popular.
  10. :heart: love em both wonder it is so difficult to decide...but then again, it's always difficult to decide between various Bbag colors!
    w/ the marron, you def. won't have to worry about stains as much! Greige is beautiful, perhaps more so, but light in color! what style are you thinking of getting? or did u already tell us?...
  11. you did tell us the styles... the marron city will def. be more versatile because the size is great for everyday use... so I say marron!
  12.'s my new favorite color :love: