Greige or Ink

  1. I ordered a new courier today and i was thinking i wanted ink but on a whim i ordered greige.......did i make a wrong decision, or do you think the greige courier will be pretty too?
  2. I think the greige will be gorgeous! Ink is really pretty too, but I think greige goes with a lot more.
  3. Ink is my fav Bal color I think I'm biased...
    but I think Greige could look gorgeous in Courrier also :smile:
  4. WOW I am so *jealous* I love the courier style and it would be TDF in greige - INK is an ok colour but greige WOW. I think you will love it when you see it!
  5. I agree with hautecouture15 .... picking the greige courier is an excellent choice. May I ask where you purchased your bag? I am looking for a greige day :smile:

  6. I called BalNY and asked them what colors they had in the courier and they had greige:tup: and i ordered it, maybe call and see what colors they have in the day:smile:
  7. Thanks for making me feel better about my purchase guys :smile:, I was getting nervous
  8. Both!
  9. Personally i wuld prefer INK color than greige as the color gets dirty easily due to the light color....well, it's ur own choice if u prefer greige better.......:smile:
  10. both colors are gorgeous. can't go wrong with either one.
  11. OMG i LOVE greige!!!!
    Its just sooo pretty and versatile!!! Get the greige!
  12. hope you make the right choice. i love the ink more though.......
  13. i love greige and ink...i've had both. you've made 2 awesome choices! :tup:
  14. I am also a huge fan of both colors. I am leaning more towards ink but the greige is so pretty. I know; I am not much help!

  15. I agree!:tup: