Greige Mini-Bowling....Amazing leather!

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  1. Hi ladies... my Sa called and i've gone immediately to see this beauty...
    It is really the perfect size for me... i didn't ask about the exchange ...because i feel:shame: :shame:

    My pc is not working well... could someone help me with pics ?
  2. here are l_b's pics of the mini-bowler:
    DSC01219[1].JPG DSC01223[1].JPG DSC01220[1].JPG DSC01222[1].JPG DSC01224[1].JPG DSC01226[1].JPG
  3. Thank you Christina...!!
  4. It's beautiful and it looks great on you!:nuts:
    Actually, every bag I've seen you carrying, looks great on you!:yes:
    Congrats!! Are you going to keep them both?
  5. You're welcome!:flowers:
  6. The black bowling is now on Ebay and i really hope to sell it because my bank account is :crybaby: :hysteric:
  7. They're so nice! :heart:
  8. I think it looks great (size, color, everything) and I prefer the size of the mini-bowling (now I wantto get one). Congrats!
  9. The mini bowling is not really THAT mini, it looks to be a very good size. I didn't think I would like this style of bag, but I actually love yours! Too bad I can't have one too.....
  10. hey - you got the greige. great bag. and thanks for the side by side pictures with the regular bowling. they are both really nice bags but i do like the greige better. gorgeous leather
  11. If it doesn't sell, *please* don't feel bad about returning it!! It seems a little much to expect someone to buy two $1000+ bags ... if you are not violating the store policy by returning it, then there's no shame in doing it!

    Love the mini bowler ... the size seems perfect! :smile:
  12. WOW l_b . . . this 'Mini-Bowling' is just GOOOOORGEOUS :nuts: !!! It looks great on you - CONGRATS and enjoy it :flowers: :love: . . . good luck with the black-Bowling sale :flowers:
  13. WOW...I like your bags!! :heart:
  14. Stunning! I do like this much better on you than the regular bowling. The mini isn't as small as the name suggests. Any chance of a group shot of your Bals?

    Good luck with the black one too l_b!
  15. Beautiful bag!