Greige-gray-what is the difference?

  1. I`m in the market for a greige or gray city or day
    From what season do I have to buy?
    Is there a grey bag from 2007 season or is it maybe
    a natural color 2007 which looks like a gray tone?
    :confused1: Can you ladies help me, maybe post a pic of
    your gray bag>?
    Thanks so much:yahoo:
  2. greige.jpg
  3. SS 07 Naturel is much much closer in color to Greige.
    SS 06 Grey is the darkest of all 3 colors within the last 3 seasons.
  4. I remember a thread being started comparing all of the
    'grey' colours... lemme try find it
  5. Heres a comparison pic of 05 and 06 Greys compliments of Decophile

    Here are both (top is 05, bottom is 06):
  6. Thanks so much I think the natural 07 is the one I`m
    after, any Ideas who still stocks it?