greige first or rouge vif first?


which one?

  1. rouge vif

  2. greige

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi guys!
    I just recently recieved my first bbag a black city, i'm undecided as to which colour to get next the rouge vif or griege? I'm a netural person but I like the rouge vif too please help :confused1:
  2. welp, as much as i love the greige, i prefer the rouge VIF in the first :love:
  3. ROUGE!!! Great to add "pop" and you can wear it during days and evenings!:love:
  4. I voted on the rouge vif because I think it looks gorgeous in the first style. (I do like the griege too -- I just ordered it in the Twiggy).
  5. rouge for sure! in the small sizes, a red bag will go with everything, even your neutral clothing..

    think LITTLE BLACK DRESS and hot red classique bag. gorgeous!
  6. I voted for Rouge Vif...I think the First is the perfect size for this color; it's the perfect pop!
  7. ROUGE Vif !!!!!
  8. Rouge Vif - it's an amazing colour, and goes effortlessly from day to evening
    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. Rouge vif! I just love the colour so much!
  10. totally reckon you should get the ROUGE VIF!!! So hot!!! Plus, every girl needs at least ONE red bag! hehe!
  11. Rouge!!!!
  12. I think the grey is nice but the red seems a bit more special to me.
  13. Another vote for Rouge Vif! It's such a gorgeous colour that is exciting yet matches with all the neutrals!
  14. Rouge vif is such a fun colour to wear!!! First bags are great for day or evening, and I think they look amazing in red. Greige would be good for a larger, everyday bag. (IMO)
  15. Definitely Rouge Vif.:love:
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