Greige Day or Lilac Day

  1. I need to choose one. I am so indecisive when it come to choosing bbag. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  2. Lilac!!! I love all lilacs, but the one from 06 has enough neutral tones in it, and yet more color than greige.
  3. i've never seen a lilac day before.....since it's so rare i would choose that over the griege.
  4. Greige is such a great neutral! I see 06 lilac is on your wish list - what bbags do you already have?
  5. Lilac!
  6. I think lilac is a great color but I adore:love: my greige day the leather is wonderful and it's a great everyday bag which goes with everthing.
    So my vote goes to greige!
  7. lilac!!! but if u prefer neutral colours, the greige will be the answer :yes:
  8. Lilac! It is such a pretty color!~ but of course I would have to say this b/c I am in love with this color!
  9. Lilac! I dying to find a lilac First, the color is gorgeous!
  10. Lilac can get a gray-ish bag any time.
  11. Lilac!!! It's quite neutral and even has some grayish tone to it :smile: Please post pictures when you get it :nuts::shame:
  12. greige:yes:
  13. You might find that you would use the greige more, but the lilac is more special.
  14. Lilac!
  15. lilac!!!